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Restaurant Digital Menu Board Signage

The next step for HDTVs is the ultra-high resolution known as 4K. With roughly four times the resolution of a 1080p television, 4K is becoming an inevitable mainstream in a few years. The newly released Ceres-88IIs is a 4K x 2K media player equipped with the most updated Arm CPU - Quad-Core Cortex-A17. 60% higher performance than its previous Cortex-A9 generation. Allowing better performance, faster speed and higher compatibility with Giga LAN ethernet. Video decoder now supports ultra high quality Ultra 4k x 2k video, the highest grade media player on the market right now.

Restaurant Digital Menu Board Signage

Movie Theater Digital Signage
Corn Digital provides restaurant digital signage that transformed static menus to dynamic displays with a variety of contents to attract customers. Using our web-based content management software for editable menus, schedulable playlists, scrolling text messages with RSS feeds and many more features that provide flexibility for restaurant managements to change menu item, price, and promotions faster and easier. Here's an example of a Japanese ramen franchise in the Los Angeles area giving Corn Digital’s digital menu board a try at their newly opened food court location inside a shopping mall.

Aksarben Cinema Installs Digital Signage

Movie Theater Digital Signage
The ten-screen Aksarben Cinema celebrates its grand opening and features digital ticket kiosks at the box office, digital menu boards on concession counters, and digital posters throughout the theater’s lobbies, hallways and wait areas, provided by the leading embedded digital signage software as a service solution provider Corn Digital. The solution includes over forty screens and eleven Ceres-88 Networked Digital Media Players to showcase movie trailers and dynamic menu board contents. Splitters were used for repeating displays with identical contents, which not only got the job done but also saves the theater time and money.
SanSai Sushi and Grill chain store's newly opened location in Fullerton, CA, has adopted Corn Digital’s digital signage as in-store marketing display for promotions and branding. Using Ceres-88 media player and four affordable 46" displays throughout the store, the space which they can only place one poster can now display engaging videos. Using these non-traditional menu board to show promotional marketing videos not only adds a sleek, modern look and feel to the restaurant, but also enhances customer's dining experiences and guarantees instant ROI.
Complete Solution for Digital Signage Software as a Service
The essential components required by Corn’s Digital to launch a digital menu board solution include simply a TV with VGA port with a Ceres-88IIs player...

This article covers everything you need to know about launching digital menu board solution for your business. Topics include what you need, where to install, internet requirements...//more

Restaurant Digital Menu Board Signage
QSR digital menu board transforms static menus to dynamic marketing displays with a variety of promotional contents to attract customers, and allows other advantages such as web-based editable menus, schedulable playlists, scrolling text messages with RSS feeds and many more that provides flexibility for QSR and groment restaurant managements to change menu item, price, and promotions faster and easier.
Restaurant Digital Poster Signage

Using dynamic digital display, restaurant owners can now update promotional information based on their specific targets and needs. For example, showing Happy Hour Specials, Free Refills, All-You-Can-Drink information and more. Most restaurants already have their menus printed for customers to help customer order. However, when daily specials change, additional printing will be needed. In such case, if the store installs digital poster they will be able to update such information instantly. Whether placed at wait areas or other noticeable store locations, most store owners report great feedback and increase in sales with digital posters installed.

Digital Signage Software

Digital menu board not only allows user the ability to communicate with customers in a more effective way at a lower graphics cost. Restaurant owners can now update menus instantly through internet or even a cell phone device like iPhone that allows internet access.

Corn Digital has recently launched a new feature that allows instant Menu Editing allowing owners to remotely control for instant updating in one or more locations using the Internet, even over a phone device with internet services. Users may simply login, select menus to be updated, make the changes and done!

Digital In-Store Flyers Boosting Sales


The largest Asian supermarket in Southern CA has recently installed Corn Digital’s digital signage systems as in-store marketing posters and flyers. Through a centralized Digital Signage Server, its headquarter now has the ability to update latest price change, promotions, or sales events instantly. It can even schedule air time in advance to save postage and labor.

The dynamic nature of digital signage allows each supermarket to display content in zones and locations providing informative information key to the consumers. Such effectiveness can save up to thousands every year.
Digital Banner at Toyota Car Dealership
Looknglas, one of the leaders in projected signage has launched Corn Digital’s digital signage at the Huntington Toyota car dealership.

The deployment consist a total of five Ceres-88 HD player and one MS-1000 sign server. The Ceres-88 connected to projector that projects on a special designed screen creating large digital banners were installed at various point of purchase and marketing spots throughout the facility, including entrance welcoming sign, display showroom, and customer wait room…etc.

Interactive Digital Signage Touchscreen

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Interactive TouchScreen directories are becoming more popular because they provide service that an attendant or store associate would otherwise have to provide. CornDigital also offers Digital Signage Interactive TouchScreen Solution for wayfinding directory and information systems in a variety of facilities including Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Hospital, Schools, Airport, and more. Example on the right displays map on one side of the screen and interactive promotional information on the other. When user touches the ad on the right, the screen will point out the location of the store on the map as well as details about the promotion.

Turning Shoppers into Buyers with POP Sign

Movie Theater Digital Signage
The Ceres-080/100 is NOT a digital photo frame; it is quality industrial digital POP display with metal casing (VGA 300nits). Designed specifically for long hours of use. Unlike regular photo frame with 100nits brightness, its high-brightness LCD is the key to attract and engage customers from farther away. The fact that “70% of purchase decisions are made in store”, why not use POP Displays to help you turn shoppers into buyers.

Digital Signage Emergency Alert Messages

Utilizing Digital Signage to Send out Alert Instant Messages
Digital Signage can be a great medium to deliver instant messages to the audiences that it serves. A lot of businesses, hospitalities, government agencies, theme parks, sports arenas, schools, and many others are taking actions to incorporate emergency messaging with digital signage to make sure it can serve as a component of their overall strategy for responding to time sensitive emergencies.
Digital Signage in Hospitals & Health Care Facilities
Digital Signage provides enhanced information in hospitals and health care facilities centers on patients, staff, and visitors. Nowadays a lot of hospitals have very advanced patient information programs...In such information packed environment like the hospital and health care facilities, digital signage provides the solution to reach target audiences more effectively and efficiently while perceived wait time have been reduced with helpful news and information...
Ceres-421NW Sunlight Readable Digital Poster

 Sunlight Readable Digital Signage Display

Ceres-421NW's Sunlight readable display suits all lighting conditions even under direct sunlight without adding any power consumption to the Ceres-421NW LCD display, thus nor will it induce overheat problem.

This transflective feature also helps to adjust brightness according to applicable environment and improves readability.  With thickness of 4.17” (inch) and the anti-reflective temp glass, it is the perfect for all digital menu board/poster application. Moreover, Ceres-421NW has high efficiency replaceable air-filter venting that avoids cooking fume and grease, also provides easiness and convenience for cleaning LCD display area.

Digital Poster Display
Corn Digital is proud to provide our economical and green digital signage solutions for small businesses. Easy to implement, no software installation needed and no CF card plug in-n-out. Content is delivered through the web from any internet-ready computer. Use our MS-1000 Sign Server to upload your content, create playlists, and schedule your content to communicate effectively with target audiences. Perfect for in-store advertising, lobby message and directory boards, retail floors etc... || more
Networked Digital Signage Media Player
- Local buffer resolves limited bandwidth and unstable connection issues
- Synchronize data on local and main servers
- Reduce cost and manage your network control locally
- Perfect digital signage solution for regional venues, national retail companies, restaurant chains and banks and movie theaters with multiple locations etc...|| more
Digital Menu Board
Corn Digital's Digital Menuboard Displays are the simple and economical turnkey digital signage software as a service solutions to increase revenue and enhance company image.

Advanced Scheduling Day-Part Menu
Schedule breakfast and lunch menus separate and maximize your menu board space.
Test New Menu Items
New menu items and price changes or promotions can be added and modified according to customer response and feedback.
Repeat Business
Keep your customers coming back by advertising future promotions and events.

Perfect in-store marketing display for restaurants, fast food chains, entertainments, theaters, shopping mall food courts...|| more
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